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The VIEW portable desktop video magnifiers set the industry standard for portable reading machines. The VIEW features ultrathin LED backlit monitors with 1680 x 1050 resolution, up to 3 hours battery life and a 3 in 1 camera, giving you vivid image quality and unmatched versatility not found anywhere else.


More monitor. More magnification.
Amazing from all sides, the ultrathin 15-inch LED backlit monitor with 1680 x 1050 monitor resolution is integrated with no glare glass optics giving you vivid image quality and breathtaking clarity not found anywhere else. The VIEW low vision magnifiers feature 2x -65x magnification giving one of the largest zoom ranges found on any portable video magnifier in the marketplace. The advanced precision glass optics provide a crisp image with absolutely no glare, and works together with monitor features such as 5 ms response time and 16 million color hues, creating a crisp and clear image. The VIEW sets the standard for autofocus technology on portable video magnifiers. It packs a high-performance camera into its precision engineered design. Morning newspapaers, magazines, bank statements and anything else placed on the reading tray will autofocus instantly reducing eye fatigue and save time.

Your Move.
Featuring an ergonomic design not available anywhere else, the ultrathin monitor and smooth glide reading tray make user operation extremely seamless and simple. For perfect distance between the eye and camera, the VIEW keeps it simple. All to often monitors can be adjusted in to many ways diminishing ergonomics. Supported with two adjustable arms, the monitor seems to float over the reading tray, and can be positioned up, down, backward, foward or tilted. The over-sized XY reading table is encased with durable ABS plastic. It features an oversized paper stop to square up even the largest of books, magazines and newspapers.


  It can't be that easy.
Until now, all desktop video magnifiers were designed the same way, using dials or knobs on the control panel interface. Taking portable design to the limits, the VIEW features buttons on the monitor that control everything. No module attachements, no hidden buttons and no problems. Mode, brightness and zoom range controls are located on the monitor - just point and push.

Easy connection to PC
Next to the power port is a smart video port that lets you connect your VIEW to any XP or Vista Computer. Instead of writing in large print and filing papers - record, capture and store what you magnify. Record an entire classroom lesson or save a picture of your latest test for review later. And because your PC has virtually unlimited memory, you'll never have to worry about losing documents and losing time.

Crystal clear color options.
Designed to bring you additional viewing options, the VIEW low vision products feature vivid color combinations that provide crisp and clear image quality. Color combinations are important because they manipulate the foreground and background colors to a users personal preference creating greater contrast. It turn, you read faster and experience less eye fatigue.
Simply stunning
Wherever you go, versatile camera capabilities go with you. With a patent pending 3 in 1 camera design, you're always ready for document, distance and self viewing applications. With a 360° horizontal camera rotation and 270° vertical rotation, you can magnify everything you need to, wherever you need to do it.

Very light. Very Impressive.
Very Portable
The 16 pound light weight design of the VIEW is amazing. But perhaps more impressive, there's an ultrathin 15-inch LED backlit monitor and versatile camera stored inside. The enitre body is encased with durable ABS plastic protecting the precision engineered mechanics and electronics. Carrying the VIEW has never been easier.
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Lithium Ion battery
The optional battery lasts up to 3 hours on a single charge and can be recharged up to 1000 times. Check the remaining battery life with the LED gauge. Uninterupted use of the VIEW can be accomplished with the purchase of batteries.
Easy connection to a PC
Next to the power port is a smart video port that lets you connect your PC to the VIEW. Record, capture and store images and videos!
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Easy connection to a PC
Revolutionizing portable design
Tired of having to reassemble your portable low vision magnifier. It folds together like a laptop, has a lithium battery and distance viewing.
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Revolutionzing portable design
Ultrathin 15-inch LED-backlit monitor
Amazing from all sides, the LED backlit monitor is fully adjustable that increases ergonomics, helps eliminate glare and looks great.
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Ultrathin 15-inch LED-backlit monitor

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