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  To build something truly different, you need to work in a truly different way. At Vision Technology, experts in engineering, design and development work hand in hand with low vision specialists and eye care professionals. It's a partnership that makes innovation possible. And it's exactly how the Freedom Machine was created. With it's breakthrough fully adjustable monitors, industry-first features and simple dial control interface, it's a revolution in the way desktop video magnifiers are made.
  Square one: Durable steel frame
Instead of assembling a video magnifier from many minor parts and components, the new Freedom Machine was reinvented from just one: the new solid-precision-steel unibody. It gets full credit for making the Freedom Machine thinner, lighter and even more ergonomic. But it's not all aesthetics. Because of the unibody, the Freedom Machine is also durable. It was designed for you.


Even the ergonomics are advanced.
With the monitors adjustable arm and durable steel frame construction, Freedom Machine can provide you with great flexibility and support monitor sizes up to 30 inches.

For perfect distance between the eye and the monitor, the Freedom Machine low vision magnifiers keep it simple.
Adjusting the position of the monitor is a breeze. Simply rest your hands on the monitor and move the monitor up, down, backward, forward, swivel or tilted.


  Energy Efficient
Because Vision Technology manufactures both the hardware and the software for the Freedom Machine, we are able to design them to work together. This allows us to make a smarter product that uses less electricity. For instance, to reduce energy consumption, Freedom Machines use light emitting diodes (LED's). LED's present many advantages including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, smaller size and reduced mercury. Unlike other companies, Vision Technology controls every aspect of production of it's video magnifiers. So our engineers can minimize our carbon footprint in ways others can't.
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Service is simple
Freedom Machine polyurethane unibody and high performance components minimize the risk of possible service. In case service is required, Freedom Machine low vision aids are unlike any system in the industry. The design enables on-the-spot repairs by exchanging the camera module or the control panel module. Simply call your local Vision Technology representative or Vision Technology technical support and a replacement module will be sent to you.

Plug in, Begin
Freedom Machine low vision products set the standard for elegance and functionality. Because the Freedom Machine ships completely assembled, all you have to do is take it out of the box and plug it in. No extra wires, no module attachments and no monitor assembly; the Freedom Machine exemplifies simplicity in every aspect of design from user operation to unpacking.

Up to 28-inch flat panel monitor models.
17 to 28- inch models available, featuring a variety of new features for low vision aids.
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Up to 26-inch screen sizes
Durable steel frame construction
From one solid piece of steel comes a low vision product extremely durable.
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Precision polyurethane unibody
Even the ergonomics are advanced
One soft-touch knob on the monitor controls up, down, backward, foward and tilt movements.
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Even the ergonomics are advanced
Crisp and clean from corner to corner
It's designed with a high-performance camera, premium software and precision glass optics.
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crisp from corner to corner

100% Made in the USA
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